The start of a great story…

A guest post by The Dad.

Fainjin, Babess and I were the first ones home tonight, and while I was getting dinner ready, the little ones played.  After arranging soft toys on the clothes rack to their satisfaction, they went outside to enjoy the swings in the sun, with Babess having to run back inside to get the hat that matched her blue “star” dress. After a while, they retreated to their room. I went in to find Fainjin perched up on his bed’s headboard, watching Babess eagerly. She was sitting in her rocking chair with a book open on her lap.

“Are you the teacher?” I asked her.

“Yes, and Fainjin’s the kid. I’m going to read him  a story,” she informed me.

Then opening to a page near the start, she began:

“One uponce a time …”

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