Fine art

Fainjin has been drawing pictures for me today.

by Fainjin, aged 4 3/4

“Look Mummy!” he said, “It’s Kevin!”

I thought of several friends all named Kevin, but couldn’t imagine why he would have chosen to draw any of them.  “Tell me more about the picture, Fainjin,” I said.  “Is that a bird?”

“Yes, that’s Kevin,” he confirmed, confusing me further.  “And that’s Russell on his back!”

“A-ha!” always be ready with an intelligent comeback.  “And what are those around Kevin’s feet?”

“Those are angry dogs.  And that thing [top centre] is the handbag, hanging from the roof.”

“A handbag, hanging from the roof?”

“Yes, because they have a flying house.”

Unexpectedly, this last sentence suddenly made everything clear.  Last week the kids watched “Up” on DVD.  I didn’t watch it with them, so the character names meant nothing to me, but the  flying house is a handy identifying feature.  Fainjin had designed his own movie poster.

This one was a little later in the day:

Picture 2

The top one is a dolphin.  The bottom one – with all the tentacles – is a squid.  “They are all under the sea.  And they are all blue!”

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