Celebrating their heritage

The Dad plays CDs on the way to work, unless I’m in the car and listening to Morning Report.  Fainjin and Babess like the music, mostly.  They sing along to the Beatles, Babess making up her own words but Fainjin has picked up the “real” words apparently by osmosis.

One morning, listening to the music, Babess said, “Is this the Beatles, Dad?”

“No,” came the reply, “it’s Cold Chisel.”

“Aw,” said Babess, but then The Dad told her a little more about them.  “They’re from Australia! Yay!” she shouted.

Fainjin joined in the cheering, and all enjoyed the music for the rest of the trip.

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One Response to “Celebrating their heritage”

  1. Graham Says:


    We recently had the following exchange:

    “… if I stay out ’till quarter to three, would you lock the door….”

    Son age 5: “daddy, why would you shut someone out, just because it’s the afternoon?”

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