Fainjin will finish at daycare in four weeks’ time.  He starts school in February, conveniently at the beginning of the school year, as his fifth birthday falls in the summer holidays.

A fifth birthday is a big deal, and so that he didn’t miss out due to awkward timing, we decided to have his “birthday” party at daycare about a month early.  He has been very excited and looking forward to it.  Babess is a little confused about whether he’s five now or not, but Fainjin himself had no such uncertainty.

He helped me carry the big bag in this morning, and we put his cake – a banana cake, as requested, and egg-and-dairy-free as required – in the kitchen.  He proudly presented the teachers with a jar of his own strawberry jam, which was duly served up on bread for morning tea.

We had discussed the party with him, and the possibilities for entertainment – we could get a storyteller or magician to come along, or organise another activity – but he knew exactly what his ideal party would be.  “I would like to play outside with my friends and watch [a certain Disney film] on DVD.”  Very easy to arrange, and daycare were happy to allow the DVD as a special treat.  He didn’t think Mummy or Daddy needed to be there for the cake and afternoon tea – “I’m fine with just the kids!” – but The Dad went along anyway (I just couldn’t get there) and tells me the banana cake was quite palatable (whew! add that recipe to the notebook).  There were five candles, and everyone sang “Happy Birthday”.  Daycare gave him a book, which he and his friend sat and read for ages but he forgot to bring it home.

He was a very happy boy when he came home and told me all about it.  Next week I’ll take him for his school visit, to meet his teacher and classmates for next year.  How quickly the pre-school years have passed!

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