Very nearly a schoolkid

Fainjin had his school visit today.  He has been looking forward to it with great excitement, and I think it lived up to his expectations.

I picked him up from daycare at lunchtime, and we came home briefly before heading to school.  There, we were shown to his classroom, and met his teacher and some of the other children who will be starting in February with him.

They started off with a story, “What Does Greedy Cat Like?” by Joy Cowley.  Then they all drew pictures of food they like (ice-cream was the most popular), and wrote their names underneath.  Their teacher was thrilled to discover that all the children could write their own names.  “I’m so lucky!” she exclaimed, and the kids all beamed, adoring her already.

She showed them the toy boxes and they happily played together for about 10 minutes or so while she talked to the Mums, explaining her classroom routine and aims.  “School is about having fun, when you’re five, and learning is a great bonus.”  Fainjin was pleased to discover the Lego box, but his favourite toy was a Transformer robot.

They played a game where they each had a cardboard caterpillar.  The teacher would hold up a card with a number on it, and they had to get that number of clothespegs from a pile, and clip them on the caterpillar to give it “legs”.  Fainjin loved that – he loves numbers – and they all did so well they got stickers.  Fainjin is going to take his sticker to daycare tomorrow to tell everyone about it.

Then they explored where to hang up schoolbags, where the toilets were, etc, before heading out to the playground to have some fun.

Finally it was time for another story, then home.  Or in our case, a celebratory afternoon tea at the local cafe (funnily enough, we saw three of the other Mums and their kids there too!).

Fainjin is looking forward to school even more now.

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