Simple games are best

We went to a friend’s house for lunch today.  She has a play-house in her garden, which is a huge hit with the children.  Last time we were there, they asked for a brush and pan and some wet cloths so they could clean it (! why won’t they clean at home? I ask myself) and on the way there today Fainjin was all excited to see whether it was still clean or whether they had more work to do.

The other great attraction in the garden (apart from the extremely cool lizards, of course!) is a very climbable feijoa tree.  Pearl found the perfect spot, an “armchair” complete with a place to rest your book.  Then Fainjin and Babess somehow started clipping clothespegs onto the twigs they could reach.  This became a great game, different parts of the tree colour-coded with pegs and requiring much thought and discussion.

The peg game kept them (and us) amused for quite a long time, and a great time was had by all.  I just hope that next time our friend goes to hang out her washing, she can find some pegs!

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