Stuck in the chimney

“Mummy, did you know? In my house, in my street, I did get stuck in the chimney!”

“Did you, Babess? What were you doing in the chimney?”

“I was stuck in the chimney!”

“Yes, but what were you doing there in the first place?”


The Dad tries… “Why did you go up the chimney, Babess?”


Fainjin helps out, “Were you running away from a monster?”

Babess thinks about that.  “Noooo…  I was… running away… from a crocodile!  The crocodile in my house.  And I got stuck in the chimney.”

Fainjin is satisfied.  “So you were safe then.”


“You were safe from the crocodile.”

“Yes.  Cos I was up the chimney.  But my face was sticking out.”

“That’s good,” says Fainjin, as the parents bite their lips and wish they had a tape recorder on hand to save these conversations for posterity.

“Yeah, so everyone could talk to me.”

We never did hear how she got out again.  Perhaps, “in her street”, she’s still in the chimney.

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

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