“Can I watch tv?” asked Pearl as soon as she had finished the last mouthful of her lunch.

“No,” I replied.

“Then what can I doooooo?” she moaned.

“Read a book, write a letter, do a puzzle, play with the lego, tidy your room.  Or clean the bathroom, that would be quite handy actually.”

“Nothing FUN!” she stormed, rather unfairly I thought.

But after her siblings had finished their lunch too, the three of them settled into lots of games together.

They went outside and had some complicated game involving the scooters, up and down the driveway and around the front garden in specific orders and routes with tasks to do along the way.

Then they gathered rocks and stones and flowers and lemons and made druidic-looking circles and arrangements with them.

Babess got out the garden broom (very cute as it’s twice her height) and swept the path to get more little stones for their game.

Then they came inside and put up the play-tents as shops and houses – there are only two tents but they did multiple duties as kids came and went and turned them around.  Couch cushions were appropriated and piled up as supplementary buildings.

A “school” was set up, with stories read and writing done, several pictures drawn and eventually “free time” granted to Pearl’s obedient pupils.

There’s nothing I like better than seeing all three of them crouched on the ground, deeply involved in doing something together.  Something that doesn’t involve a screen!

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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