Seriously funny

This morning Babess chose to wear her favourite pink leather tooled cowgirl boots.  They are very cute.  She was running around the house, and suddenly stopped.

“Hey! Mum!”

“Yes, Babess?”

“My boots are making noise, see?” and she stomped heavily on the floor.  I agreed that her boots were indeed making noise, and she stomped rapidly up and down, enjoying the thumps she was making.

“I’m just like a ballerina!” she enthused.

Perhaps she has noticed how noisy those pointe shoes can be?

Around the same time, Fainjin came giggling into the room.  “Mummy, I fell into the toilet!”

He didn’t look too wet or too distressed, so I wasn’t too worried.  “Are you hurt, did you get wet?”

“No!  Hahahaha!  Just my foot…” he was grinning wildly.

His foot?  I decided not to enquire further.  There are some things it’s better not to know.  Babess was concerned though.

“Fainjin… did you flush you?”

He smiled reassuringly at her, so young and so naive, all of 17 months younger than big brother.

“No, I didn’t flush me.”

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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