The Dad is recovering well from his elbow injury.  He didn’t need surgery, was out of plaster after just a week, and now has a hinged brace.  This makes me want to give inappropriate warnings about becoming unhinged, but luckily he is a very tolerant man.

The little ones have been very interested in his bandages (once the tiny sticking plaster which was the source of much concern had disappeared they did notice the big cast on the other arm).  They have dubbed the brace “Daddy’s robot arm”.

Today he caught Babess swinging her arms stiffly, bent at the elbows, and chanting in her deepest voice, “I. Am. A. Robot. I. Am. A Robot.”

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One Response to “I-am-a-robot”

  1. L Says:


    And M had his robot shirt on today. 😀

    Good luck with continued rest and recovery!

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