Fainjin has a friend who is dinosaur-obsessed.  He has learnt a lot from this friend.  We found out just how much when he received a box of plastic toy dinosaurs for Christmas.

Actually, Babess must have learnt a bit too.  She appeared in the kitchen to ask, “Mummy, why are dere two pteranodons?”

There’s not really a good answer to that question.

The Dad was helping Fainjin count and sort the dinosaurs, and afterward asked me with a puzzled expression, “So… are kids just born knowing all the dinosaur names?!”

Today Fainjin drew me a picture.  He was very proud of it, and wanted to label it himself, so I had to spell out the words for him.

Long Neck Ankylosaurus (but you could read that yourself)

“It’s like a ankylosaurus, but it has a long neck, so it’s a Ankylosaurus Long Neck.” (He wrote Ankylosaurus first, then had to write the rest above because he’d run out of room.)  I love the detail in the clubbed tail.

Fainjin’s Christmas thank-you letters are also decorated with dinosaur drawings, which I have been called upon to label for him.  He told me one was a “‘plodocus”, so I wrote “Diplodocus”, and he lovingly ran his finger along the word, repeating “‘plodocus, ‘plodocus”.

He is so ready for school.

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