Fainjin’s birthday

Happy Birthday, Fainjin!

Fainjin is five today.  Apparently he was hoping for a dinosaur-fire-fighter cake, but a banana cake with my first attempt at cream-cheese icing and dinosaur lollies on top was nonetheless well-received.

His best friend from daycare, M, came over for a playdate which went very well.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon, and the kids played happily outside for quite a while before coming in to enjoy the new birthday toys and Christmas presents.  When M’s family came to collect him, we sang and cut the cake, and socialised some more.

It was an unintentionally dinosaur-themed birthday: he received several dinosaur-related presents from different people, including one rather noisy one.  He and Pearl have spent a large part of the evening playing “dinosaur families” – there are two large dinosaurs and 18 small ones – making sure the “children” are fed (quote, “I’ve got some fresh meat for the babies!”) and giving them rides on the big dinosaurs’ backs.

And yet it seems like yesterday he was just learning to crawl…

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One Response to “Fainjin’s birthday”

  1. L Says:

    Right. Seems like yesterday he was logrolling and getting stuck under the table! 😉

    Happy Birthday!

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