One building, many uses

Babess built a little square building out of Lego, and put the Lego police dogs (cuuute!) in it.  She told me it was a dog house, I asked if it was a kennel but she said no, it’s a dog house.  She needed a bit of help getting the bricks to sit together firmly, and getting the dogs to stand up on the bricks.  There was lots of adjusting the positions of the walls and re-arranging the roof, but eventually she was happy.

Next morning, Fainjin brought out the same building.  He had embellished it with some windows and outlying structures, and strung a Lego chain across an opening.  “It’s a rocket crasher!” he told me, and described in great detail how a rocket would try to fly through the gap but get caught up in the chain and go “crash crash crash!” and fall to pieces.

Pearl turned it back into a luxury kennel later, and had the dogs enjoying the fresh air from the roof.  She put in all sorts of facilities for them, being very concerned for their wellbeing.  I was too, if any rockets crashed into their house.  She thought quite hard about which way the dogs should face.  They ended up facing each other, nose to nose – perhaps even kissing.

It reappeared again this morning.  The dogs were gone again, and Fainjin had expanded the building still further.  Now it was a Space House, with a garage.  In the garage, there was – of course – a rocket.  Every home should have one.

I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

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One Response to “One building, many uses”

  1. Marita Says:

    I love Lego so much for the endless variations of play that children come up with. My girls are currently building away with Lego blocks, happy and engaged 🙂

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