Book tokens

Yesterday Pearl and I went to specialist bookshop to spend the book tokens she got for her birthday.  This bookshop is wonderful, they have a great range and brilliant staff who seem to have read every single book and can recommend something for every reader.  They are also savvy enough to keep the stamps (for stamping hands) right by the door, to encourage little ones to leave when Mum says it’s time to go.  For some reason, children are often reluctant to leave this treasure-house of stories…

Pearl and I browsed through the shelves, pulling down several candidates for “adoption” and reading their blurbs and summaries, as well as the little reviews often posted on the shelves.  A staff-member came to see whether we needed help, and stayed chatting for quite a while as we swapped recommendations.  She pointed out some we hadn’t thought of, or noticed yet, and brought over their entire selection of Moomin books so Pearl could see if there were any she didn’t have (there were).

Spending book tokens is always an agony and an ecstasy for me – so many wonderful books in the world, how to choose? – and it was so for Pearl as well.  She picked books up, put them down, read a couple of pages of one, weighed up another, caught sight of a new candidate, and compared prices against how much pocket money she would need to add to her tokens.

After half an hour or so – I had been prepared to be there much longer – she decided on two books, and had a mental list of several more to purchase “next time”.  She had also resolved to do more housework this year to earn more pocketmoney so that “next time” can come around sooner.

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