Positive visualisation

Babess woke up crying at 2:30am one morning recently.  I went to comfort her, and she was very upset.  She had dreamt about hyenas chasing her (too much Lion King, methinks), and they were “vewy vewy scawy”.  I put her into bed next to The Dad while I re-made her bed – she’s a wriggly sleeper.  She chatted to him about her “scawy” dreams, and revealed there was another one which had involved camels.

Not wanting Little Miss Wriggly to take over our bed for the rest of the night, I suggested she go back to her own bed and “try to have happy dreams now”.

“Yes!” she agreed.  “I will dream about Tinkerbell now.”

So off to bed she went, quite happily.

Next morning I had forgotten her plan, but the first thing she told me when she woke up was, “Mummy!  Tinkerbell did bring me a present!”

That’s quite a neat trick, pre-selecting your dreams.

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