Just a quick stay

Fainjin and Babess have gone for a sleep-over with The Fabulous Auntie B.  They will be away three nights, and it’s their first sleep-over.  Or maybe Fainjin’s second… I think he might have had a sleep-over there the night Babess was born.

They have been very excited and looking forward to it, and I’m told they have been very good this evening and have enjoyed having their older cousins teach them dances and read stories to them.

This afternoon, when The Fabulous Auntie B came to pick them up, one of the cousins scooped up Babess and said excitedly, “Do you know where you’re going?!”

Babess widened her eyes and said “Yes!  I’m gon’ stay at your house for threeeeeeee” – she held up three fingers – “… minutes!”

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