Sleepover success

Babess & Fainjin enjoyed their sleepover very much indeed.  They loved all the attention from their cousins and adored Auntie B, and spent their time playing with new-to-them toys to their hearts’ content.

I understand they were well-behaved and slept well, settling easily at nights (having big cousins reading several stories in bed helped, I’m sure).

But when it was time to come home, they were less than enthusiastic.

“I don’t want to go home,” said Babess, doing her sad face.

“But Mummy and Daddy will miss you!” replied Auntie B.

“They won’t miss me if I stay here five nights,” Babess asserted.

“How many nights have you had already?”


“So how many more would you want?”

“Five more.”  Babess is already adept at manipulating numbers to her own ends.

“Oh, they would miss you.”

“No, they won’t miss me.  But I will miss the trampoline…”

So nice to know where we come in the ranks of her affection!

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