Old films

At the weekend, Pearl went with her cousin and uncle to see Hugo, which she tells us is brilliant.  I have to stop her from telling us too much, because The Dad and I would like to see it too!  She doesn’t mind, I think she is hoping we might take her along and she can see it again.  She had read the book and enjoyed that too.

Since seeing the film, she has been very interested in early films, particularly those by Georges Melies, and has been looking them up online.  They are usually only a few minutes or even seconds long, so she watches them over and over.

I am very tempted to show her Forgotten Silver, just to see how far the hoax goes with her…   I remember watching it the night it first screened, being fascinated and excited and incredulous and slowly, slowly, skeptical until by the end I was howling with laughter and appreciating the joke.  I was a fair bit older than 9, mind.  And there were plenty of people who didn’t realise it was a hoax until they read it in the paper the next morning.

Perhaps I will warn her that it’s not true at the start, lest she be too disappointed.  But I think she would enjoy it all the same.

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One Response to “Old films”

  1. magpiemusing Says:

    Hugo is fabulous. Didn’t know that you could find any Melies films on-line – but of course, I hadn’t looked!

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