It’s always a battle, making sure we come home from daycare with everything that went there in the morning.  And recently it has been very much a losing battle.

Two days in a row, Babess came home in borrowed shoes, because she had managed to lose her own somewhere in the centre.  We would look everywhere (well, clearly not *everywhere* or we would have found them, but everywhere we could think of at the time), and have several kids and a couple of teachers looking too, but no luck.  One time, Babess decided “They might be under the sand,” and grabbed a little spade; I was almost prepared to entertain the idea.

Today, though, we came out ahead.  She came home wearing the same shoes – and socks!! – that she had left the house in.  We also found another pair of socks, misplaced sometime in the past couple of weeks, and her sandals, which had been missing since the middle of last week.  I remembered to collect a plastic box I’d taken some cake for the teachers in, and we had no trouble finding her jacket and her Tigger toy to bring home.


Now we’re only missing one blue-and-white sock from last week, and a small plastic snack-box from this morning (which I forgot to even look for tonight – oops).

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