I brought Babess home from daycare on the bus this afternoon.  She sat mostly quietly on the bus, and I checked every so often to make sure she wasn’t falling asleep.  She perked up when we got off the bus, and happily held my hand as we walked up the hill towards home.

When we came through the gate, she asked, “Are Pearl and Fainjin there?”

“Pearl has gone out,” I answered, “but Daddy and Fainjin are home.”

She laughed and trotted down the driveway, calling, “Fainjin! Fainjin!”

The Dad appeared at the lounge window, and she nearly fell over laughing with delight.  She ran towards the front door, leaving a shoe behind in her haste.  That prompted more hilarity, and she picked it up and carried it inside.

“Look Daddy!  I ran faster than my shoe!”

© UpsideBackwards 2012.


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