Farewell, friend

Today was Fainjin’s first day at school.  It was a good one, but I can’t blog about it tonight.  I am too sad.  Susan Niebur, Whymommy, died today (6 Feb in the US).  She was a wonderful person, and a great friend.

I will write more another time.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Curt, Widget, Little Bear (the same age as Fainjin), and to all Susan’s many many friends in “real life” and online.  We have lost a treasure today.

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2 Responses to “Farewell, friend”

  1. Marjo Says:

    I’m very very sorry to hear this. I’ve only followed her fight through your and other amazing support messages, but I remember how pleased you were in 2010 when you got to meet Susan just before you stayed with us. I know her life touched many friends, and strangers too. It’s one loss too many, again.

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