Yesterday was Fainjin’s first day at school.  Despite him counting down the “sleeps” since last week, he was surprisingly reluctant to get up in the morning.  Nonetheless, once he was up and dressed, the morning went fairly smoothly and we left the house at approximately the right time, and even remembered to take photos.

Pearl was disgusted that the whole family insisted on accompanying her to her classroom and meeting her teacher.  She seemed relieved that it was a quick visit as we then left to take Fainjin to his classroom.

Fainjin’s teacher greeted him like an old friend, and showed him where to put his drink bottle.  Then we went out to the corridor to find his name next to a hook for his bag.  Right next to it was a name very similar to Babess’ – she pointed and said, “Look, and there is mine!”  Fainjin’s teacher said, “Awww! Can I have you, later?”  “You can have her now!” I said and she shook her head.  “Next year, then,” I offered, and we were both shocked that yes, Babess starts school next year.

Fainjin and Babess both went back to the classroom and settled down at the toybox with Fainjin’s classmates.  Babess really did fit in.  But I called her to me, and said, “Fainjin, it’s about time for us to go…”  He had his head in the toybox, didn’t even look up but waved his hand behind him and said, “Bye!”

He was just as chirpy when I picked him up, although he had bonked his head in the playground at lunchtime and had a graze.  He said he had had a good day.  They had read stories and drawn pictures of themselves to hang up in the classroom.

Then we headed to floorball, sport on the first day of school would not have been my choice but the kids were keen.  Fainjin was SO. CUTE. in his little vest, chasing after the ball energetically.  Sometimes he would forget he was meant to be playing a game, and would wander off daydreaming.  Often he was facing the wrong way.  He loved to bully off, and the first time he tried it the ref helped him get the stick facing the right way.  Later on, in the second half, he raced up to bully off again.  I was proud that he got his stick lined up, then I saw the ref pick him and turn him around, with a huge grin on his face.  Fainjin was philosophical.  Now he knows, you’re not allowed to bully off against your own team!

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