Fainjin started music lessons today.  Music appreciation, really – they learn some songs, beat rhythms, learn about different instruments and get to have a go on some of them.  He told the teacher at the start that he doesn’t like music (he was feeling anti!), but when the glockenspiel came out he had a great time.

The Dad drove the car today, for the first time since he broke & dislocated his elbow just before Christmas.  Babess and I did the supermarket shopping, and he and Fainjin drove down to collect us (and the heavy groceries).  The children were so excited for him, it was very cute.  Then they “helped” wash the car when we all got home.

Pearl did all her chores with minimal prompting, including a huge load of dishes to dry.  She tried to get Fainjin to put them away for her, but he wasn’t keen, and Babess helped her instead! We drew up a “jobs” sheet for Pearl for a week.  Her new job this year is to clean the basins in the bathroom and loo each weekend.  Now we have to negotiate the rewards…  The idea is, a certain number of jobs have to be done each week (a high percentage of her “regular” jobs but with room for extra credit) to earn a reward, which might be pocket money or a late night on a weekend or an extra Latin lesson or playing a board game.

The Dad and I looked out the window this afternoon and saw Babess sitting in her “baby swing” sideways, all curled up and looking very comfy.  She was singing to herself in the sunshine.

Fainjin was allowed to stay up a bit later than Babess tonight to watch “Wipeout” on TV.  He loved it!  All those people falling off things into the water, or being smacked about by huge obstacles on the course.  It might become a Saturday night regular treat for him.

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2 Responses to “Snippets”

  1. Marita Says:

    I loved wipeout as a child 🙂

    We are working on extra chores with Annie too – helping with the laundry. I’m blogging about our reward system later this week.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      I’ll be interested to read that. For us, it’s a matter of striking a balance:
      – everyone should contribute to the running of the household, as they are able, and should not expect to be “paid” for that
      – on the other hand, we want to recognise and encourage such contribution
      – children should learn about money, earning, saving and spending it
      – they should also learn that other rewards may be more desirable than cash (eg Latin lessons 🙂 )
      It can feel like a moral minefield sometimes! I’m always keen to hear how it works in other families.

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