Thank you

“Mum, what can I do?” asked Fainjin yesterday morning.  Meaning, of course, “Can I please watch TV?”

“Ummm,” I replied, trying to think of a non-electronic entertainment.  “Tidy your room, play with your Lego, read a book…”

He regarded me steadily.

“… write a letter?”

“Oooh!  A thank you letter!  On the Peter Rabbit paper!”

I blinked at the enthusiam, but got the paper for him.  He recently received a belated birthday present from an aunt and uncle.  Lego, of course, which he loves as passionately as all his other Lego.

I started to write the letter for him.  He is still at the stage of dictating the words, then writing his name and drawing a picture at the bottom.

“Dear Uncle & Auntie, Thank you for the Lego! I really really love it!  Please can you send some more?  I like the forest fire-engine in the big box.”

“Um, it’s not really polite to ask for more presents in your thank-you letter, actually.  You might just have to wait for Christmas now, I think.”

“Oh.” He was quite disappointed, but didn’t protest and drew a picture happily enough.

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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