Bye Daddy

Yesterday, The Dad was leaving with Babess a few minutes before the rest of us set out for school.

Fainjin was in a world of his own, lingering over his breakfast, seemingly unaware as people rushed to and fro around him.  Babess said, “Bye, Fainjin!” and he didn’t hear her.

I said, “Say goodbye to Dad and Babess!” and he didn’t hear me either.  I don’t know what it was he was concentrating on, but it must have been a fascinating daydream.

Babess said goodbye again, and wandered off to the front door.  As The Dad followed her, he said, “Bye, Pearl, bye, Fainjin!”

All of a sudden it penetrated, and even though The Dad was still right in front of him, Fainjin must have subliminally absorbed the message that they were on their way out the door, because he straightened up and shouted, “Bye, Daddy!  I love you!”

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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