Shipping hazards

When Pearl started school, we were careful not to overload her with afterschool activities.  Over the years, they have gradually built up so she is busy three afternoons out of five (and Saturday mornings as well).

Now Fainjin is at school, he has made it plain he expects to have a busy after-school life too.  He jumped into floorball with both feet, and on the first day of Girls’ Brigade, he demanded, “Is there a Boys’ Brigade?”

Yes, there is.  It runs at the same time as Pearl’s choir, which he is too young to join and shows no signs of wanting to.  So today I took him along to check it out.

He wasn’t at all sure he would want to stay, since I couldn’t stay the whole time with him.  I was prepared for us to be there ten minutes, and perhaps another ten minutes next week, before he decided whether to commit or not.  But we arrived and there were kids playing.  He was shown the paddling pools being filled with water because they were going to make boats to float.  He was promised afternoon tea.  Just like that, he was certain he was going to stay.

He had a marvellous time.  They made boats and floated them, then sank them “with a big stick!” – poking them until they went under the water.  They did some worksheets, colouring and writing.  They kicked a ball around.  He got a scrapbook and a smart new bag to carry it in, complete with lanyard and nametag.  I guess there will be a uniform at some stage, too.

He brought home some boats made of paper.  “Mum, can we fill up the paddling pool?”

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2 Responses to “Shipping hazards”

  1. Marita Says:

    Sounds like he had a great time 🙂 We’ve cut back to only one after school activity a week as the girls were just too exhausted last year. It feels strange not to rush off after school each day.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      That sounds really sensible. As I work three days a week, the kids would be in afterschool care those days anyway. So I’m moderately happy for them to have activities they choose to do at those times. We do all get tired, though, for sure!

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