A bear’s life

Fainjin has a favourite bear, known as “Green Bear”.  He doesn’t sleep with it every night, or have to take it everywhere, but it is his favourite, and if he chooses to take a toy somewhere then this bear is usually the one.

Green Bear came with us on a trip to town last week.  While we were waiting for the bus, Fainjin showed me how Green Bear can do the “jump-jam” moves that he (Fainjin) learned at school.  Fainjin’s favourite, and therefore Green Bear’s also, is “KungFu Frightening”.  Fainjin sang, “Everybody was kung-fu frightening! doof-doof-doof-doof!” while Pearl admonished “Kung fu fighting!” and Green Bear was put through some energetic kung-fu punches and kicks.

Then Fainjin showed me that Green Bear is sad.  He does have a turned-down mouth, poor bear.  Fainjin gave him some cuddles, but he still looked sad.

“Don’t worry, Mum, I can make him happy – watch!” And Fainjin squashed and scrunched Green Bear’s face until the turned-down mouth was twisted into an uncomfortable-looking smirk.

Ah, the life of a favourite bear.

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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6 Responses to “A bear’s life”

  1. Jill H. Says:

    Ack! Now I have “Kung Foo Fighting” playing on repeat in my brain. Tell Fainjin and Green Bear thanks for me…

  2. Kirstie Says:

    You’ve got to love a child’s determination. To be able to make a sewn frown into a smile, even if only by physical manipulation, that’s just adorable.

  3. Marita Says:

    Fainjin makes me smile 🙂

    Thank you.

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