Feats of memory

I’m getting used to Fainjin coming out with odd things he remembers from ages ago… sort of.  It can be disconcerting, he will without any apparent prompt just mention something we did or saw weeks or even months ago.

But yesterday he really impressed me.

We were at the optometrist, and as she invited him to sit up on the big green chair, she said, “I don’t think you’ve done this before, have you?”

“Yes I have!” he said brightly.  “And I sat up in this green chair and I had to look for the spiders!  And there were cool glasses.  And I had to grab a fly!”

The optometrist looked at me, and I nodded, remembering his eye test just after his third birthday, when to get him to look up and not directly into the light they told him to watch out for a spider on the ceiling.  And they tested various lenses in front of his eyes, and presented him with a 3-d picture of a fly to “grab”.

“That was… two years ago!” the optometrist exclaimed, checking her records.

The boy has a memory like a steel trap.  It’ll probably cause us trouble, one day…

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2 Responses to “Feats of memory”

  1. Colin Says:


    Did you ever get the photos and videos from your visit to London with Pearl? I found them in a lost directory here yesterday…and I hope you already have them, since I know she was going to use them at school.

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