Reading to big sister

Fainjin relishes his “job” of reading to us each evening.  He brings home a different book each day, and can’t wait to tell me about it.  Tonight he brought it out while I was cooking dinner, and read it to me across the kitchen.

Then he read it to me after his shower, twice – sort of.  He insisted on reading each page twice before moving to the next one.  After that, I had to read him a story (turnabout is fair play), then I sent him off to bed.

A very short while later, I realised Pearl was in his bedroom.  I went to shoo her out, then realised Fainjin was reading his book to her.  “Helicopters go up and down,” he said, pointing to each word.

“Wow, good work!  Look, there’s a red helicopter and a yellow helicopter!  This one is going up, and the red one is going down.  What’s on the next page?”

She is as proud of his reading as he is!

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