Cross-country 2012

Fainjin and Pearl ran in the school cross-country race today.  This is possibly Pearl’s favourite day of the school year – because it means she doesn’t have to run cross-country again until next year.  I have every sympathy with her, I must admit.

She came 21st, which doesn’t sound too bad to me, it’s quite a large school so she must have been in the first half of the pack of girls in her year.

Fainjin doesn’t know where he came in his race.  He was enthusiastic though, and impressed.  “Mummy, when we ran the race and I came to the finish, people did clap!”

“Did you get a number?” I asked out of curiosity – the first 10 in each race are given their number on a card as they cross the line, I assume so their names can be recorded somewhere.

“No,” he said, “but I got a clap!”

“I didn’t get a number either,” Pearl assured him, although he wasn’t the slightest bit put out.

“Then you got a clap!  Did you get a clap?”

The best thing Fainjin can think of getting is applause, it seems.  (And yes, she did).

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