I got a phone-call at work today, from daycare.  My heart sank.  Usually these calls mean someone is sick.  But the teacher hastily said, “There’s nothing wrong!  I’m calling to tell you about something sweet that Babess did today.”

Babess was with a small group of children on a trip this morning and they were walking through town.  A woman was sitting on the footpath with a sign in front of her.  Babess and some of the other big girls are getting quite interested in words and reading, and they asked their teacher to tell them what the words on the sign said.

They said, “I have no income and no food.  Please help me.”

Babess was quite concerned by this.  She thought for a little bit, and – knowing that they would have morning tea when they reached their destination – asked the teacher what food they had.

“Well, we have some crackers…” replied the teacher.

“Can we please give the lady some crackers?” asked Babess.  Touched, the teacher gave her a bag of crackers, and Babess took them and gave them to the woman.  “Now she won’t be so hungry for a little while,” Babess told her friends.

Apparently the look on the woman’s face was priceless, too.

Afterwards, the teachers had a little chat with the children about approaching strangers in the street, and how it’s ok as long as the adult you’re with has said it’s ok (which is what had happened in this case) but you do have to check first.

Then the teachers called us to tell us about Babess’ charitable nature, and wrote it up for her profile book.

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2 Responses to “Compassion”

  1. mommysaidaswearword Says:

    This made me teary. What a good heart she already has.

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