Glasses update

Pearl got her new glasses today, and is very pleased with them.  She noticed the difference right away, and loves her new frames.

We managed to get the eye drops into Fainjin’s eyes this morning, and he had his follow-up test this afternoon.  He is slightly long-sighted, enough to require glasses for close work but it’s also mild enough that there’s a good chance he will grow out of it.

So he got to choose frames for glasses as well.  He is going to look soooo cute!

He is pleased, he wanted to wear glasses “like Pearl does!”.  He’s a bit doubtful about only wearing them for close work – he wants to wear them all the time.  We’ll see how that goes… I think he will find it easier to take them off when he wants to run around outside.  He was chuffed to think that he would need to wear them when building his Lego creations though.

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