But first…

Pearl had a playdate this afternoon, so Fainjin and I had some one-on-one time.  We ran a couple of errands, then discussed his day over a fluffy and a chocolate brownie at the local cafe.  Once home, he helped me put away the dishes – the tick sheet for jobs/pocket money and the lure of more Lego is working well!

“Can I watch TV?” he asked, as he put the last dish away.

“Yes, OK,” I said.

He headed towards the lounge, then pulled up short.  “But first, I have to read you my book!  Come sit on the couch with me when you’re finished!”

I “finished” right away, and obediently sat on the couch where indicated.  I love that he chose to postpone TV-watching (a treat he loves) in favour of reading to me.

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