Exploring letters and sounds

Fainjin is loving learning to read.  He finds it incredibly exciting and is very proud of himself.  Each week his class has a different “letter of the week” and he loves to practise it.  A couple of weeks ago it was J, and his class made jelly – and ate it.

At odd times he will sound a word out to himself – yesterday he was bouncing around the kitchen and said, “Book… b-, b-, book starts with B!”  For his breakfast, he asks for “Something that starts with J” on his toast.  J-, j-, jam!

Today they had a special day at school and didn’t do their letter of the week.  But when I arrived to pick him up, he still took me over to where it’s written to show me.  “Look Mum, that’s our letter of the week!”

“Cool, Fainjin, what is it this week?”

“H,” said Pearl before I had even finished the question, and “H,” echoed Fainjin – so I don’t know whether he knew it by himself or not.

“What sound does it make?” I asked, curious to see whether he knew.

“Ch-, tr-, …” he frowned in thought… “Train!” he triumphed.

The teacher and I shared a grin.  “Ask him again tomorrow,” she promised.

I did help him out and we decided “H-, h-, horse” was a good word.

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