Good kids

Question of the day, from Fainjin:

Mummy, do octopuses have knees?

I had a lot of firewood to stack today.  Babess was keen to help.  I didn’t think she’d last long  – she was already overtired.  But she appeared in gumboots and stomped outside with me.  She looked like a little pioneer girl in her boots and long dress!  She worked solidly with me for about an hour, carrying smaller and lighter pieces of wood and stacking them up, hardly bothered by the creepy-crawlies that scurried away as we disturbed the pile.  Pearl helped too, but not for as long.  What a little trouper!

Pearl has been really helpful this week.  There was one day where she didn’t do any of her “assigned jobs”… but she did get up and moving immediately that morning, helped the little ones get dressed, breakfasted and ready for school, then after dinner that evening she organised them into pyjamas and when I went to check on them and read them a story, she was already reading to them!

I gave her a pass on the other jobs.

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