Winning by an own goal

This afternoon Pearl’s team played a cracking game of floorball.  It was close-fought and very exciting.  The other team scored first, within the first 6 seconds.  It took a little while for Pearl’s team to recover, but soon they had gained control of themselves and the court, and rapidly scored four goals.  It was closer than the scoreline makes it sound.  The direction of the game changed constantly, as the two teams were very well matched.

Pearl was playing in her preferred defensive position and doing a great job of stopping opposition shots and passing forward.  Then… disaster.  She flicked it across the goal and it ended up behind her team’s goalie.  The other team celebrated, the score was now 4-2.

Poor Pearl.  She flushed bright red, and I saw tears well up.  She stared at her stick, not really wanting the sympathetic encouragement of her team and their parents.  I felt awful for her.

Then the game re-started.  She blinked, stood up straight, and focussed on the ball.  Soon she was defending with all her might once more.

When she was subbed off (players are rotated every couple of minutes), she let herself feel blue again for a little while.  But her team-mates, coach and the other parents all reassured her, and she didn’t let it ruin her game.

I was immensely proud of her for that, and I told her so.

Final result? Pearl’s team lost by one goal.  But no matter.  They all played out of their skins – so well that their coach, who usually awards “player of the day”, declared them all winners and promised them icecreams next week, as it is the end of the season.

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2 Responses to “Winning by an own goal”

  1. growfromhere Says:

    Oh love it – mine once stopped in a running race so others could catch up

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