More reasons not to travel with small children

On the plane, Babess and Fainjin each had a window seat so were as far apart in the row as it was possible to be.  Fainjin called to Babess, waving the safety card.

“Babess!  Have you seen this?!”

“Yes!” she shouted back.

“It’s the instructions!  On the plane… you are not allowed… [very dramatic pause] to light fires!”

Luckily, the passengers around us seemed more amused than annoyed.

“No! Don’t put Dragy in the bag!  I will carry him!” sobbed Babess as I rescued her soft toy dragon from the luggage trolley.  About 15 minutes later, in a completely different terminal: “Oh no! I forgot Dragy!”


If you, or anyone you know, found a 12-inch-high blue dragon on Friday 13 April, somewhere between the Virgin Australia Domestic Transfer desk at Sydney International Airport, and Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 2, Babess would be very grateful if you could email us or leave a comment here.

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2 Responses to “More reasons not to travel with small children”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Oh no. Dragy.

  2. L Says:

    Oh No!

    We lost a favorite toy on our trip too. R figured out how to order it, but I haven’t yet. (Plus, the alligators wouldn’t be pre-chewed just right…)

    Good luck finding Dragy again!

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