Drop snakes and other remarkable sights

Most of my readers are Australian, and will know all about drop bears and hoop snakes.  For the other two of you (grin!), drop bears are unusually large, vicious, carnivorous marsupials (similar to oversized koalas, but of course koalas are not bears).  They drop on unsuspecting prey and devour them.  No-one has ever seen one and lived to tell the tale.

Hoop snakes, I believe, are also found in the US and Canada.  They can put their tails in their mouths and roll like a hoop, chasing their prey at great speed.  Fearsome creatures, especially to New Zealanders who, not having any snakes at all in our homeland, tend to be rather nervous of serpents.

Now, on with today’s tale:

We were at an estuarine lake, enjoying the cool sea breeze and shady trees.  I saw a fish jump right out of the water, at least 45cm or so.  I pointed and exclaimed, and we all went down to the water’s edge to see if it would happen again.  As we discussed the event, we heard a splash and glimpsed some movement just a few metres to our right.  But it wasn’t a fish.  It was a snake!  It had jumped (can snakes jump? this one did) from an overhanging tree branch, and was now swimming remarkably rapidly across the lake, its head sticking up out of the water so it could see where it was going.

Now I am worried about the infernal offspring of drop bears and hoop snakes: the drop snake!  (Hoop bears might also be a worry).

Some other cool things we saw today:

– more fish jumping right out of the water

– a kookaburra sitting, not in an old gum tree, but on a handrail

Kookaburra sits on the old... hand-rail

– an eagle’s nest on top of a light pole

Quite the place for an eyrie

– three children playing together happily at the beach

Three happy children at a beach

The beach was a long one, and Fainjin was a bit worried we wouldn’t find our way back again, so he marked a trail.  With spirals.  As you do.

Bless his wee heart

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One Response to “Drop snakes and other remarkable sights”

  1. ginia Says:

    Creepy indeed! Once when floating down a nearby river with Jill, a snake crossed the river in front of us. I amused Jill to no end by trying to stand atop my inner tube. Snakes are scary…even the little grass snakes 😉

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