Space cadets

Fainjin is getting a double-dose of “space stuff” at the moment.  They’re investigating “where the sun goes at night” at school (“behind the hill” says Fainjin, logically and more-or-less correctly), and learning about space at Boys’ Brigade too.

When he found out about Boys’ Brigade, Fainjin was a little bit concerned.  “Will we go into space, or just learn about space?”  He looked relieved when I scuttled the go-into-space idea.  Perhaps he was worried about getting home in time for tea.

Babess has seized on the idea, though, and asked a couple of times, “Can we go into space?” and tonight, “When are we going into space?!” as if it was a long-promised outing we have been unreasonably delaying.

“We’re not going into space…” I informed her, and Fainjin leapt in, “Babess, we can’t go to space! It’s above the clouds!”

One day they might be astronauts.

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