Making a baker

Pearl made her first chocolate cake last week.  She has helped me bake before, but not made one “herself”.  She wanted to take a cake to share with her class.

She did very well, with minimal help from me.  It does help that our standard go-to chocolate cake recipe is exceptionally easy and almost no-fail.  Her classmates really liked it, and her teacher was very impressed.

Keen to capitalise on this, I suggested she make another one this evening for her Dad’s birthday tomorrow.  Fainjin and Babess pulled a chair over to the bench to watch, just as they do when I’m baking.  Once again, she did a great job.

Next I’ll have to teach her how to make buttercream icing.

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2 Responses to “Making a baker”

  1. imaginatemum Says:

    Well done, Pearl! I want a slice!!

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