Fainjin is doing really well at school.  At least, I think he is.  We have the parent-teacher conference next week so I suppose we’ll find out for certain then.  He is much happier and more settled since he has started school.  I remember wondering and worrying six months or more ago whether he would ever be ready for school – or school for him!

He loves his reading, is excited by “art days”, has lots of friends who greet him in the playground, and tries to take a different book from his bedroom bookshelf for “news” every day.  He was disappointed when the school holidays started, and celebrated when term 2 began.

Sure, this morning he sobbed at his teacher, “I’m too tired for school today!” – but he is only 5, it’s the start of winter and we’ve had some rough weather this week, and he was tired.  She took him in hand, and he was his usual bouncy excited self when I picked him up at the end of the day, eager to show me the y-y-yacht he had made (the letter of the week was Y).

At home, he’s a happy man.  He readily comes to help with the dishes or setting the table, sits reading a book or playing with his Lego.  We had a young visitor the other day, a 3-yr-old girl (but closer in size to him than Babess).  He was the perfect host, showing her his toys and helping her make things out of Lego, offering her afternoon tea and generally looking after her.

He still fights with his sisters, of course.

Tonight, The Dad was telling me about something that had happened during his day, and Fainjin clearly wanted to speak.  He said “‘scuse me Mummy”, and I asked him to wait just a minute until The Dad had finished.  He sat there with his hand up, and looked probingly at his father.  “Daddy, did you put your hand up before talking?”

Enforcing classroom rules just might be the key to civilised conversation at our dinner table…


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