Rescue Ladybird

The local emergency services were having an open day today.  We always try to get to these.  The children get to talk to firefighters, police officers, paramedics and even customs officers.  They can explore the insides of fire-engines, ambulances, police cars and the rescue helicopter, collect posters and cards from all the services, and play on bouncy castles, colour in pictures, get a balloon sculpture, or have a sausage from the sausage sizzle.

There is also a children’s dress-up competition.  You can dress up as your favourite rescue worker and maybe win a prize.  I suggested to Fainjin that he wear his firefighter costume, but he wasn’t keen.  He put on the helmet, but not the jacket or pants.

I asked Babess whether she would like to wear the jacket and pants instead.  She decided they would be too big for her, and anyway, she wanted to be a ladybird.  “But you’re meant to be a rescue worker!” we told her.  Unperturbed, she replied, “I will be a rescue ladybird.”

The Dad and I grinned at each other and agreed that she might not even be the only “rescue ladybird” at the event.  “There will probably be one or two rescue princesses as well,” observed The Dad.

“Rescue princesses?!” scoffed our ladybird.  “That’s so silly!”

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One Response to “Rescue Ladybird”

  1. Marita Says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooo adorable

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