School trip

Fainjin had his first ever school trip today.  As they are learning about space, they went to the local planetarium.  They saw a film, “Tycho to the Moon”, about a dog who goes to the moon.  “Guess how he gets to the moon, Dad!” challenged Fainjin.  “Um, in a rocket?” hazarded The Dad.  “No, in his space-kennel!” Fainjin was delighted to know more than Dad.

On the way home and throughout dinner we heard all about Tycho and his trip to the moon and how he found a baseball left behind by an astronaut.  We discussed why dogs might need spacesuits on the moon, and which planets you have to pass to get to the sun.

Fainjin described some constellations to his awed little sister, and we promised that on a clear night (sadly, no chance tonight) we would all go outside and look at the stars again, as we sometimes do.

Babess was very disappointed to hear that Pearl and I actually saw a dog spacesuit when we visited the Air and Space Museum in Washington last year.  “You should take me there, because I haven’t seen it,” she said sadly.

As good a reason as any to travel, I suppose!

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