Funner than floorball

Fainjin’s class had an indoor sports day today.  They played floorball, indoor soccer, and about three other sports.  The teacher laughed as parents arrived to collect the kids after school, “They’re all exhausted! We had such an energetic day…”

Fainjin was pretty bouncy for an exhausted child.  He had had a wonderful day, he told me.  “I was the champion at floorball!  I was on the red team, and the white team, and A and S were on my team and we [insert complicated explanation of team manoeuvres here] and it was lots of fun!”

“That’s great, Fainjin,” I said, impressed and still reeling from the complicated explanation of team manoeuvres which didn’t actually make much sense.  Perhaps you had to have been there.

“But you know what Mum?  There’s something even funner than floorball!  And that is… gymnastics!  It’s the coolest!”

And all the way home he re-enacted the gymnastics lesson, showing me how they walked with arms outstretched, presumably along a balance-beam, and then crouched down low to run along something else, then balanced on one foot, then ran along something else…  It was a most entertaining walk home, and I imagine it was even more so for people walking near us who didn’t know the back-story.

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