Leaving home

Babess came to me to show me something she had found in her bedroom.  “It’s my little purse.  It’s an old one.  I’m sorry, I have to take it with me to my new family.”

She spoke in the peculiarly distinct, slightly condescending voice she uses for dramatic play.  She loves a good role.

I noticed she had a backpack on as well.  “What’s the bag for, Babess?”

“It’s all the things I need to go to my new family.”

“Are you leaving home, then?”

“Yes.  Sorry!”

When questioned, she revealed that her new family were waiting for her, yes they were expecting her, and they live close by, just at the back of our house (those neighbours will have a good laugh next time I’m chatting with them!).  She didn’t really have a reason to leave us, just that her new family were waiting and she was sorry but she had to go.  She managed to convey a sense of regret along the lines of “I’m dreadfully sorry but I have a prior engagement”.

We played along,  she packed her stuff, wandered around gathering things, and eventually snuggled down for a goodnight story and to annoy her big sister.  I hope her new family aren’t too worried.

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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