Win some, lose some

Yesterday was one of those rare afternoons when everything seems to go right.

I managed to fit in a long walk before the school pick-up.  We came home promptly (most days there seems to be a lot of hanging around at school before we get away).  Fainjin gladly agreed to dry the dishes, “but first I have to read you my story Mum!” so he read to me first.

A neighbour came over for afternoon tea, and Fainjin played beautifully with her five-year-old while Pearl entertained the baby and made sure he didn’t pull any books down on his head or eat any Lego.

After they’d gone, I got dinner together while Pearl and Fainjin worked on their spelling homework – together(!).  The Dad and Babess arrived home just as dinner was ready.  Everyone ate all their dinner and ice-cream was enjoyed afterwards.

Fainjin and Babess had stories and were in bed more-or-less “on time”.

Pearl and I sat down to play Scrabble – her first game ever.  The Dad and I haven’t played a game in ages, but it recently occurred to me that Pearl would probably love it.  She does.

She beat me.  Easily.

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3 Responses to “Win some, lose some”

  1. vivscakes Says:

    😀 she is a clever girl.

    Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

  2. Marita Says:

    Ack that was me – I’m testing out new website for a friend.

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