Every morning, Fainjin dresses himself in shorts and t-shirt.  Sometimes I can convince him that he will be cold, and persuade him into either a long-sleeved (but lightweight) jacket, or trackpants, but seldom both.

Today we have had a cold, wet, windy storm front blow through.  It was horrid.  Fainjin’s teacher was very impressed: when we arrived at school he was wearing trackpants, a woollen jersey, his raincoat (which he usually refuses outright) and a hat!  It had taken me a lot of fancy talking to get all that on him, but I think he appreciated it during the walk to school.

One of his classmates was happily in shorts and t-shirt – it’s sometimes nice to know I’m not the only mother fighting this battle.

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One Response to “Winter”

  1. L Says:

    Nice fancy talking! 😉

    Our son will insist on wearing the tractor shirt or the dump truck shirt, if either is clean. He just got two new shirts in the mail (orange! I hear it is the color this year…) that I’d really like to put him in before Monday (when they become a bit moot) – but he is quite persistent on insisting on the truck ones.

    Since the dump truck is actually a short-sleeved pajama top that would never be appropriate in our house, I suppose it’s a good thing he really wants to wear it during the day…

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