There’s a rocket ride outside the supermarket.  “Can we ride in the rocket?  Can we? Can we?” it’s a chorus, Fainjin and Babess falling over themselves in excitement.  Pearl glances at me ruefully, she knows she is too big for the ride but I can see she would really like one too.

“OK then,” I agree.  We’re on holiday, in a different town, and it’s a holiday sort of thing to do.  They climb in, pleased to find there’s a steering wheel each, almost tumbling over each other like young puppies.  “Ready?” I ask, as I drop a dollar in the slot.  Theyshriek with laughter as the rocket rocks.

“We’re going to the moon!” they cry.   “Have you got your spacesuit on Babess?”  “Yes I have Fainjin! I can see Venus!” “And I can see Saturn!” they try to outdo each other with astronomical knowledge.

It’s all giggles and smiles for a few minutes, and then the ride slows and stops.  “Out you get,” we say, and they happily climb out.  We continue along the street, but now we’re on the moon, so Fainjin and Babess take giant, jumping steps.

Just as well they were wearing their spacesuits!

© UpsideBackwards 2012.


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