Suspicious behaviour

Pearl has been really good this week.

She cleaned her room, without being asked.  She has made an effort to get out of bed when we first call her (or even before!), and get dressed.  She has helped the younger two get ready for their day.  She has read bed-time stories to them, and helped Fainjin with his homework.  She had finished her own homework for the week on Tuesday night.

It has been wonderful.

In a quiet moment, I let her know that we had noticed.  She grinned.  I narrowed my eyes and said mock-suspiciously, “It almost makes me think you’re going to ask for something.”

She blushed, and looked up at me from beneath lowered lashes.  “Well, actually…  I was wondering whether I could go horse-riding one day soon?”

We both laughed.  The next few weeks are incredibly busy, but I’ll have to remember to make time to take her when things have calmed down a bit.

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