Magic paint

Today I got the kids an activity book each while we were out.  As soon as we got home, of course they wanted to colour in.  I was still unpacking from the outing as they started, so it was a few minutes before I realised Fainjin was colouring his with crayons.

“Oh!  Fainjin!  I forgot to tell you – your book is magic!”

I got him set up at the kitchen table with his book, a paintbrush, and an eggcup of water.  I showed him how to wet the brush and paint it over the shaded areas in his book.  Sure enough, colours “magically” appeared!  He was thrilled, and called Babess to come and see.

The pair of them sat very happily for another half-hour or so, painting and colouring and enjoying each other’s company.  Pearl was in her room, working on her crossword book.

That was small change very well spent!

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2 Responses to “Magic paint”

  1. Marita Says:

    I do love it when the kids get wrapped up in quiet creative play 🙂 Those magic paint books are soooooo cool.

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